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Manage your free time in 4 steps.

1. Stop being a slave to technology.

Means that we should have the courage to switch off our cell phones, messengers, mailings, etc. We have become slaves of different technological gadgets as the author mentions. It's not necessary to be on hold all the time. Have a break.

2. Stop working when it is time to stop.

Work will never cease no matter how much time and energy you put into it. If you're tired there will be no result no matter how long you'll be working over yout projects. If you have a creative profession, this rule should be the main one for you. The reason is that we always need new impressions and knowledge to produce good work. To get them we need some free time to do what we want.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Outsource those tasks that you don't like executing. Delegate those chores that you're not proficient in to somebody else. Free up that extra time. Use it to focus on what you do well and most importantly, enjoy doing. Even if you're a chief manager, there's no need to do everything yourself. Just divide the work between other people and control the process. It'll save much time.

4. Make free time a goal. Plan for it.

All the above tips will be crippled if you don't plan for your free time. It will fail if having free time doesn't become a goal of yours. You have to plan for your free time. Make it a goal to boost your free time. It's so darn easy to plan for free time. Just write it down! List down your daily responsibilities. Make time for free time. Take action. Here's a template for planning a free time. May be you'll be able to customize it for your own use:

A 1/2-Page Daily Action Template for Best Results and More Free Time

6-8 am: [Free time, morning routine] Meditate, Tai Chi, breakfast, read

8-9 am: [Nitty-gritties, get it over and done with fast] Check & reply emails, check blog traffic stats, AdSense earnings

9 am-12 noon: [Play time! Focus on 2-3 tasks you're really good at] Write 1 article, blog marketing, network (will continue through the afternoon)

12-1pm: [Free time] Hit the gym, lunch

1-4 pm: [Continue playing] Core work

4-5 pm: [Nitty-gritties] Check and reply emails

5-6 pm: [Free time] Yoga

6-11 pm: [Free time] Samantha's birthday party, read

(read more at www.radicalhop.com)

These are the steps that can really help. In conclusion, I would like to dwell on technology. Internet can be a useful thing to spend free time. We can get self-educated through Internet sites, meet people from all over the world to get acquainted with different cultures and just make new friends, and get the latest news. Everything depends on your demands and the talent to sort out the necessary information out of a huge amount of unnecessary sites.